Refined palm oil Fritera

Palm oil is extracted from the heart of the palm plant found in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Its natural colour is a pale yellow to orange-reddish, due to the high content of carotene, and its melting point is between 25 ° and 50 °C.
Packages 2 L.
Cat. № 12273
Exrpiration 1 months
Manufacturer Fritera
Origin Indonesia
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 It is characterised by its typical walnut taste and pleasant aroma. Due to its 50% saturation, palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature. Its resistance to oxidation and prolonged exposure to high temperatures makes it an ideal component for frying mixtures. It is a 100% substitute for all hydrogenated frying fats and at a lower cost, as well. Products prepared with palm oil have greater durability, the fat doesn’t soak into the products during the frying process and there is no smoke at temperatures above 180°C.